We Are The Last Great Kings

letsbenaughtync asked: Imma just come right on out with it, I love your blog. It also helps that your HOT !! I don't mean to be invasive when I ask this, but who are the other guys that your in a relationship with and do they have blogs cause I'm sure their hot to lol

If you wanna see what they look like, add “/tagged/baes” to the end of my URL :)

cornfedmusclepup asked: Yay. I hope you're having fun! I hope you get all the cuddles :3

No cuddles till next Saturday :(

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Tub time with Tate Tullier.
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Anonymous asked: how have you not gotten laid, you have boyfriends?!

Like I said in the previous ask, we haven’t had time to see each other because they’ve been busy and so have I but I get to see them next week

axelvegamazing asked: Have you been playing the smash bros 3ds demo all day like I have!? Because its flawless.

Nope, I’m still dealing with my growing addiction to Destiny. Hahah.

I need friends.

Do you ever wake up and think to yourself,

"Wow, I really would like to get railed or rail a rugby player."



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